One Week Let Fee Inclusions

  • Advertising on, domain, social media

  • Signage at the front of the property

  • Open houses/appointments to view 

  • Feedback on openhomes

  • Arrangement of any necessary repairs or maintenance prior to commencement of tenancy

  • Entry Condition Report

  • Signing of contracts and educating of tenants on their obligations to maintain your property

Your $100.00 management fee includes:-

  • Rent collection paid monthly or bi monthly into your account

  • Quarterly inspections

  • Arrears management

  • Payment of all property bills

  • Excess water charging to tenants

  • Arranging of quotes and maintenance

  • Yearly financial statements

  • Piece of mind that your property is in the hands of a registered professional.


The above list is not exhaustive.


* Open charges $50.00 per hour to prepare for and attend Tribunal hearing.  Opens hourly charge is capped at $200.00.